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Comet Wild 2 Stereo Images
Figure 8: Wild 2 Stereo Anaglyph
JPEG Image (938K)

A stereo anaglyph (magenta on right) of comet Wild 2 shows the comet and jets seen as sunlight reflected from outward-flowing dust and rocks. Unusual jets from the shadowed side can be seen coming from Walker, on the right side of the nucleus, and from a region below Walker.

Rahe Crater on Wild 2
JPEG Image (516K)

Stereo view of the Rahe, a pit halo crater in the northern regions of Wild 2. This kilometer feature is similar microcraters found on lunar rocks but it is a morphology never seen before for large craters. It is believed to have formed by the high speed impact of a body on a cohesive surface under microgravity conditions.

Mayo Region, Wild 2
JPEG Image (159K)

Stereo view of the Mayo region, an irregular depression with containing s everal active jets. Notable features include the two steep sided blocks resting on the depression floor.

Full View of Wild 2
JPEG Image (197K)

Full view showing Hemenway, Mayo and Shoemaker. The central region of the terminator illustrates the remarkably rugged nature of the surface of Wild 2.

Bright Spot in Hemenway
JPEG Image (140K)

The bight spot in the central region of Hemenway is a mystery. It might be the location cooled by escaping gas.

Right Foot
JPEG Image (174K)

Right Foor, a deep depression showing structure on the floor and layering exposed on the s outheast wall. Note the overhang on the northern rim.

Left Foot
JPEG Image (180K)

Left Foot, a 140 meter deep depression with a flat floor and near vertical walls.

Wild 2 Depression
JPEG Image (30K)

This stereo anaglyph shows a large depression on comet Wild 2, with a Sun-illuminated pinnacle in its center and a large mesa on its western edge. Note the pinnacle's shadow on the west wall of the depression.

Shoe Stereo
JPEG Image (133K)

North Hemenway
JPEG Image (181K)

Wild 2 Anaglyph with Jets
JPEG Image (26K)

An anaglyph (red-blue) stereo image showing jets. The two jets on the right are remarkable in that they come from sources on the comet's dark side.

Wild 2 Anaglyph with Dark Side
JPEG Image (23K)

This anaglyph (red-blue) stereo image showing jets on comet Wild 2. The two jets on the right are remarkable in that they come from sources on the comet's dark side.

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Last updated June 17, 2004
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