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Photo of Ray Newburn Born: Rock Island, IL Jan. 9, 1933
Married: Virginia L. Gaskin, May 4, 1968
Children: Steven R. & Kevin F., twins, born Aug. 9, 1972

grad. Glendale High School, 1950
B.S. astronomy, Calif. Inst. of Technology, 1954
M.S. astronomy, Calif. Inst. of Technolory, 1955
completed course work for PhD at Caltech in 1956

Came to JPL "for the summer" in 1956.
"Retired" July 16, 1999. Returned August 2, 1999 as an Affiliate (Contractor). Co-I and Head of the imaging team on the STARDUST mission Chief Environmental Modeller for STARDUST

International Astronomical Union
American Astronomical Society, and also its Division of Planetary Sciences, and Division of Historical Astronomy
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Geophysical Union

NASA Exceptional Service Medal, for organizing and leading the International Halley Watch
Asteroid #2955 named Newburn, for contributions to planetary science
Member Sigma Xi
Two NASA Group Achievement Awards

Palomar Obsevatory, Hale 200" reflector & 48" Schmidt camera
Lick Observatory, Shane 120" reflector & 40" Nickel reflector
Mauna Kea Observatory, IRTF 120" reflector & 88" reflector
Kitt Peak Nat'l Observatory, 84" reflector, 36" reflector & McMath solar telescope
Mt. Wilson Observatory, 100" Hooker reflector & 150' solar tower
Table Mtn. Observatory, 48", 24", & 16" reflectors

Over 100 technical papers and reports, the majority in the open literature in "Icarus," "The Astronomical Journal," "The Astrophysical Journal," "Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific," "Annual Reviews of Earth & Planetary Science," "The Encyclopedia Britannica," "The Academic American Encyclopedia," & several books.

For the past 33 years, largely research on comets and modelling of comets for space flight projects (including the Giotto and VeGa missions to Comet Halley) plus organizing and leading the International Halley Watch

Project Work
Studies of numerous possible comet missions, including that which finally led to STARDUST. Working stiff on successful flight projects from Mariner 2 to Cassini. Work on the NEAT (Near Earth Asteroid Tracking) activity.


Last updated November 26, 2003
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