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Acronyms and Abbreviations

	A/D	Analog to Digital Converter
	ACE	Advanced Cosmic ray Explorer
	ACS	Attitude Control System
	ACT	Attitude Control Thruster(s);
	ACT	Automated Command Tracking;
	ACTS	Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
	ADC	Analog to Digital Converter
	Ah	Ampere-hour
	AIV	Assembly, Integration & Verification (CIDA)
	AO	Announcement of Opportunity
	ARR	ATLO Readiness Review
	ASIC	Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
	ATLO	"Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations"
	AU	Astronomical Units
	C&DH	Command and Data Handling
	C/A	Closest Approach
	CBS	Cost Breakdown Structure
	CCSDS	Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
	CDCF	Cosmic Dust Collection Facility
	CDR	Critical Design Review
	CDRL	Contract Data Requirements List
	CDU	Command Detector Unit
	CHON	"Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen (particle)"
	CIDA	Cometary and Interstellar Dust Analyzer (Successor to PIA)
	CMMTL	Composites Materials and Manufacturing Technology Lab
	CoMA	Comet Mass Analyzer
	COMPLEX	Committee on Planetary Exploration
	COTS	Commercial Off-The-Shelf
	CPU	Central Processing Unit
	CPV	Common Pressure Vessel
	D/H	Deuterium to Hydrogen ratio
	dB	Decibel
	DC/DC	Direct current/Direct current Converter
	DFM	Dust Flux Monitor
	DFMI	Dust Flux Monitor Instrument
	DFMW	Dust Flux Monitor Whipple Shield
	DOF	Degree of Freedom
	DSM	Deep Space Maneuver
	DSN	Deep Space Net
	DTC	Design-To-Cost
	EDAC	Error Detection and Correction
	EDL	Entry, Descent, and Landing
	EED	Electro-Explosive Device
	EEE	"Electrical, Electronic, and Electreomechanical"
	EEM	Electrical Engineering Model
	EGA	Earth Gravity Assist
	EGAD	Earth Gravity Assist Date
	EGSE	Electrical Ground Support Equipment
	EGTT	Enhanced GPS Telemetry Transmitter
	EM	Electron microscope
	EMF	Electronics Manufacturing Facility (MMA)
	EMI	Electromagnetic Interference
	EOM	End of Mission
	EOS	Earth Observing System
	EPL	Engineering Propulsion Lab (MMA)
	EPS	Electrical Power Subsystem
	ESA	European Space Agency
	ET	Ephemeris Time
	EVR	Event Reporting
	EW	Earth-Wild-2;
	FMECA	"Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis"
	FOS	Faint Object Spectrograph
	FOV	Field of View
	FR	Failure Report
	FRR	Flight Readiness Review
	FSW	Flight Software
	FTP	Fault-Tolerant Processor
	FTP	File Transfer Protocol
	GAS	Get-Away Special
	Gb	Gigabit
	GDS	Ground Data System
	GEMS	Glass-Embedded Metal Sulfides
	GENSAT	"Government Earth-Orbiting, Nadir-Pointing Satellite"
	GIDEP	Government-Industry Data Exchange Program
	GPS	Global Positioning System
	GRS	Gamma Ray Spectrometer
	H/W	Hardware
	HAST	High-Altitude Supersonic Test
	He	Helium
	HEF	Hight Efficiency
	HEPA	High Efficiency Particulate Absorber
	HGA	High Gain Antenna
	HITF	Hypervelocity Impact Test Facility (JSC)
	HPF	Hazardous Processing Facility
	HQ	Headquarters
	I&T	Integration and Test
	I/F	Interface
	I/O	Input/Output
	IDP	Interplanetary Dust Particle
	IFOG	Interferometric Optical Gyro
	IFOV	Instantaneous Field of View
	IMU	Inertial Measurement Unit
	IMU	Inertial Measurements Unit
	IP	Interplanetary
	IR	Infrared
	IRR	Interim Requirements Review
	IS	Interstellar
	IS	Interstellar
	ISM	Interstellar Medium
	ISP	Interstellar Particle
	Isp	Specific Impulse
	JPL	Jet Propulsion Laboratory
	JSC	Johnson Space Center
	L/M	Link Margin
	L/W	Lightweight
	LDEF	Long Duration Exposure Facility
	LEO	Low Earth Orbit
	LFT	Time to closest Approach
	LGA	Low Gain Antenna
	LMA	Lockheed Martin Astronautics
	LMAC	Lockheed Martin Astronautics Corporation
	LMPP	Lockheed Martin Power Products
	LV	Launch Vehicle
	LV	Launch Vehicle
	MAT	Management Advisory Team
	Mb	Megabit
	MDA	McDonnell Douglas Aerospace
	MECO	Main Engine Cut-Off
	MEL	Master Equipment List
	MGA	Medium Gain Antenna
	MGDS	Multi-mission GDS
	MGS	Mars Global Surveyor
	MGSE	Mechanical Ground Support Equipment
	MI	Maturity Index
	MI	Minority Institution
	MLI	Multi-Layer Insulation
	MMA	Martin Marietta Astronautics
	MMH	Monomethylhydrazine
	MO,M.O.	Mars Observer
	MOS	Mission Operations Subsystem
	MOSC	Mission Operation Support Center
	MOSO	Mission Operations Support Office
	MRB	Materials Review Board
	MS	Mass Spectrometer
	ms	milliseconds
	MSTI	Miiniature Sensor Technology Integration
	N	Newton
	n/a	Not Applicable
	N2H4	Hydrazine
	N2O4	Nitrogen Tetroxide
	NAS	National Academy of Sciences
	NASA	National Aeronautics and Space Administration
	NAV	Navigation
	NAVCAM	Navigation Camera
	NCS	Nutation Control System
	NEAR	Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
	NiCd	Nickel-Cadmium
	NiH2	Nickel Hydrogen (battery)
	NTO	Nitrogen Tetroxide
	OCA	Optical Corporation of America
	OPNAV	Optical Navigation
	Ops	Operations
	OS	Operating System
	P/L	Payload
	P/L	Payload
	PA	Product Assurance
	PAH	Polycylic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
	PC	Personal Computer
	PCU	Power Control Unit
	PDR	Preliminary Design Review
	PDR	Preliminary Design Review
	PDS	Planetary Data System
	PI	Principal Investigator
	PI	Principle Investigator
	PIA	Particle Impact Analyzer
	PICA	Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator
	PIP	Project Implementation Plan
	PM	Project Manager
	PMD	Propellant Management Device
	PPT	Peak Power Tracker
	QA	Quality Assurance
	RA	Right Ascension
	RAM	Random Access Memory
	RDD	Requirements Driven Design/Definition Developer
	REM	Rocket Engine Module
	RFP	Request for Proposal
	RISC	Reduced Instruction Set Computing
	ROM	Read-Only Memory;
	ROM	Rough Order of Magnitude
	S/C	Spacecraft
	S/N	Signal-to-Noise
	S/W	Software
	S/W	Software
	SA	Solar Array
	SAR	Solar Array Regulator
	SB	Small Business
	SBSWG	Small Bodies Science Working Group
	SCATHA	Spacecraft Chargin at High Altitude
	SCI	"SCI Systems, Inc."
	SCI	Science
	SD	Stardust
	SDB	Small Disadvantaged Business
	SDIO	Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
	SEDB	Systems Engineering Data Base
	SEG	Sequence of Events Generator
	SEIT	Systems Engineering and Integration Team
	SEM	Scanning Electron Microscope
	Sep	Separation
	SEU	Single-Event UPset
	SiC	Silicon Carbide
	SIMS	Secondary Ion Microprobe Spectrometer
	SLOC	Software Lines of Code
	SM	Spacecraft Manager
	SMTS	Stardust Mission Test System
	SPICE	Trajectory/ephemeris
	SPK	files
	SPV	Single Pressure Vessel
	SRC	Sample Reentry Capsule
	SRM	Solid Rocket Motor
	SRR	Systems Requirements Review
	SSB	Space Support Building (MMA)
	SSEC	Solar System Exploration Committee
	SSL	Space Simulation Laboratory (MMA)
	SSR	Solid State Recorder
	SSTI	Small Spacecraft Technology Iniative
	STB	System Test Bed (JPL)
	STC	Spacecraft Technology Center (MMA)
	STL	Spacecraft Test Laboratory (LMA)
	STPM	Structural/Thermal/Pyro Model
	STS	Space Transportation System (Shuttle)
	SW	Software
	TBD	To Be Determined
	TBS	To Be Supplied/Specified
	TCM	Trajectory Correction Maneuver
	TCS	Thermal Control System
	TIP	Technical Implementation Plan
	TMP	Technical Management Plan
	TOF	Time-of-Flight
	TOF-MS	Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometer
	TOMS-EP	Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer - Earth Probe
	TOS	Transfer Orbit Stage
	TPS	Thermal Protection System
	TRAJ	Trajectory
	UHF	Ultra High Frequency
	USAF	United States Air Force
	UTTR	Utah Test and Training Range
	UV	Ultraviolet
	VEGA	Soviet Mission to Comet Halley
	VGR	Voyager
	W2	Wild-2, comet
	WCA	Worst-Case Analysis
	WE	Wild-2, earth
	XMIT	Transmit
	XPNDR	Transponder
	XRF	X-Ray Fluorescence
	Yo-Yo	Despin Device


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