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"I would greatly like to witness the happy return of the precious dust and to inspect at close range a wee bit of what I first spied from very far".

Paul Wild in a letter to the STARDUST project - November 1997

Where Is Comet Wild-2 Right Now?

Track the comet's progress around the Sun.
Why Comets Are Important
What are comets? Why do we want to visit them?
Comet Wild 2
Information on the comet STARDUST will visit.
Comet News
Extra! Extra! The latest breaking news on comets.
Comet Missions
Other spacecraft that have visited or will visit comets.
Recent Great Comets
Great comets of the recent past including Comet Hale-Bopp and Comet Hyakutake.
Comet Links
A compilation of other interesting comet pages.

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