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The following are selected clips from the STARDUST animation created for the STARDUST project by Engineered Multimedia Inc. Clicking on the thumbnail image will bring up a larger version of the image. The animation is also available in Quicktime format.

starside.gif sd01p.jpg Delta rocket waiting at launch pad   sd02p.jpg Spacecraft leaving Earth orbit
sd03p.jpg Spacecraft and comet orbits sd04p.jpg Deployed collector grid
sd05p.jpg Spacecraft collecting interstellar dust sd06p.jpg Simulation of Comet Wild-2
sd07p.jpg Spacecraft approaching Comet Wild-2 sd08p.jpg Collection of comet particles
sd09p.jpg Deep Space Network receiving STARDUST data sd10p.jpg Spacecraft returning to Earth
sd11p.jpg Reentry capsule prior to aero-braking sd12p.jpg Reentry capsule with parachute deployed

High Resolution Photos


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STARDUST Comet Wild-2 Encounter

JPEG - 72K
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Sample Return Capsule Parachuting Down To Earth

JPEG - 55K
TIF Image (22 MB)

Sample Return Capsule Landing

JPEG - 57K
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