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THINK SMALL ... in a very BIG way! Comets and asteroids will make a BIG impact in early 1999. Although small and often over looked during Solar System lessons, comets and asteroids provide captivating topics for students. During January-February 1999, three "small body" NASA missions will reach key milestones: Deep Space 1 flies by the asteroid 1992 KD; NEAR arrives at asteroid Eros in Feb. 1999; and STARDUST, the first-ever cometary material return mission, launches in Feb. 1999. More information on this exciting project can be found on the Internet at:


Jet Propulsion Laboratory's (JPL) STARDUST Education and Outreach Program is implementing a nationwide teacher training initiative and developing educational modules. This effort is targeted at grades 5-8.

This Announcement of Opportunity is being distributed to solicit candidates from which an additional 15 Educator Fellows will be selected and trained in early 1999. Initially, 10 STARDUST Educator Fellows were selected in March 1998 to conduct training and to field test workshops and materials.

Candidates selected for the STARDUST Educator Fellowship will receive:

  • an all-expenses-paid intensive training workshop on: the STARDUST mission; science and educational aspects necessary to effectively present the STARDUST related topics; and comets and other small solar system bodies;

  • a 3 day course on presenting the strategies of mission planning and a complete teacher training presenter package to use for conducting STARDUST workshops;

  • priority updates and mailings on the latest STARDUST mission information and materials;

  • materials to help plan and promote STARDUST workshops;

  • continued contact with the STARDUST science team to answer questions and to facilitate discussion; and

  • access to a 1/25 scale model of the spacecraft on loan from JPL.

In return, selected Fellows must commit to conducting a minimum of two educator training workshops per year (approved by the STARDUST Education Outreach Team) and to sharing evaluation information from those workshops with the STARDUST educational partners.


STARDUST Educator Fellows will be chosen from extensive networks of classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, and museum/science center educators. The STARDUST Educator Fellowship Team will be selected in order to provide a geographic and institutional mix of presenters from a variety of environments: science centers/museums; school districts; universities; educational organizations; etc., ensuring a diverse team of STARDUST Fellows across the country.

To receive the Announcement later this year, please contact Kerri Beisser at Challenger Center either by e-mail ( or phone (703-683-9740). When leaving a message, please include a mailing address or FAX number where you would like us to send your application.

Last Updated: November 26, 2003
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