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Music buttonNASA needs your help! As part of an international coalition, it has begun building the International Space Station. But the Space Station is threatened by orbital debris—abandoned satellites, rocket remnants, and many other things.

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Can you design a spacecraft to protect the Space Station from this "space junk"?

Your spacecraft will spin off from NASA's "Discovery Program"—an effort to make space exploration "faster, better, and cheaper." Whenever possible, this means adapting one spacecraft to tackle a different mission.

Your mission is to adapt the STARDUST spacecraft for a new mission.

Ready for lift-off?

Engineering Diagram
Mission Training:

Hone your engineering skills by exploring how we modified another spacecraft into the STARDUST.
International Space Station
Mission Briefing:

What is space junk and how does it threaten the International Space Station?
Engineer's tools
Design a Spacecraft:

Design your own spacecraft and send it to the JASON Project for display on this Web site. We'll review the designs and select the very best ones.